Best FD Interest Rates for 3 Year

If you want to save your money for 3 years, investing in a fixed deposit can be your friend. FD is a common financial tool used by investors wanting to save their money safely and get guaranteed returns. Different banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) offer attractive interest rates for you to save and grow money as per financial suitability,

Let’s find out the different banks offering the best 3-year FD interest rates.

About FD

A fixed deposit (FD) is a safe investment option in which an investor deposits a lump sum of money for a particular period at a fixed interest rate. The primary benefit of a fixed deposit is the predictability it gives in terms of returns and the security of the principal amount.

Fixed deposits are a great option for cautious investors who value capital preservation along with a consistent income source. FDs often provide greater interest rates than normal savings accounts, making them an appealing option for storing extra cash. A fixed deposit’s term can range from a few months to several years, allowing investors to match their investment horizon to their financial goals.

One notable advantage of fixed deposits is their low-risk profile, as they are usually insured up to ₹5 lakhs under DICGC. You can also get a loan against your FD up to a certain amount allowed by your bank and prematurely withdraw your money in return for a penalty.

Best FD Interest Rates for 3-Year Tenure – 2023

Before applying for a fixed deposit account with any bank, comparing the interest rates offered by different banks is always recommended. It helps you organise your finances as per your future goals and take advantage of getting the highest return.

Here we have provided two different lists of large and small banks in India and their 3-year fixed deposit rate.

1. Bank FD Interest Rate for 3-Year

Here is the list of FD rates for 3 years for different private and public sector banks in India.

BankGeneral CitizenSenior Citizen
ICICI Bank7.00% p.a.7.50% p.a.
Punjab National Bank7.00% p.a.7.50% p.a.
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.6.50% p.a.7.00% p.a.
State Bank of India6.50% p.a.7.00% p.a.
HDFC Bank Ltd.7.00% p.a.7.50% p.a.
Union Bank of India6.70% p.a.7.20% p.a.
UCO Bank6.30% p.a.6.80% p.a.
Bank of India6.50% p.a.7.00% p.a.
Federal Bank6.60% p.a.7.10% p.a.
Axis Bank7.10% p.a.7.60% p.a.
Canara Bank6.80% p.a.7.30% p.a.
Bank of Baroda7.05% p.a.7.55% p.a.
IndusInd Bank7.25%8.00%
Note: The interest rate given for each bank is for fixed deposits less than ₹2 crores.

2. Small Finance Bank FD Interest Rate for 3-Year

Here is a list of small finance banks offering FD for 3 years with their interest rate for general and senior citizens.

BankGeneral CitizenSenior Citizen
North East Small Finance Bank7.75% p.a.8.50% p.a.
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank7.20% p.a.7.70% p.a.
Suryoday Small Finance Bank8.60% p.a.9.10% p.a.
Capital Small Finance Bank Limited5.50% p.a.6.00% p.a.
Jana Small Finance Bank8.50% p.a.9.00% p.a.
ESAF Small Finance Bank6.75% p.a.7.25% p.a.
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank8.50% p.a.9.10% p.a.
Fincare Small Finance Bank8.00% p.a.8.60% p.a.
Equitas Small Finance Bank8.00% p.a.8.50% p.a.
AU Small Finance Bank Ltd8.00% p.a.8.50% p.a.
Note: The interest rate given for each bank is for fixed deposits less than ₹2 crores.


Investing money in fixed deposits is easy and fast, with banks offering online services to do so. You can choose any tenure to fix your money as per your present financial suitability and future monetary goals. Before booking an FD for 3 years, make sure to compare 3-year FD interest rates provided by different banks to make an informed decision on your finances.

Along with rates, make sure to read its terms and conditions properly to avoid any financial discrepancies later in the tenure.


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