NRE Fixed Deposit

In today’s financial landscape, diversification is the key to safeguarding and growing your hard-earned money. One avenue that offers not just security but also attractive returns is the NRE Fixed Deposit (NRE FD). In this blog, we will delve into the depths of NRE Fixed Deposits, exploring their features, benefits, interest rates, eligibility criteria, and much more. So, let’s embark on this financial journey to uncover the true potential of NRE FDs.

What is NRE Fixed Deposit?

NRE FDs are a type of fixed deposit account offered by Indian banks designed explicitly for NRIs. These deposits are maintained in Indian Rupees but are entirely funded by foreign earnings. The funds can be remitted from the investor’s foreign bank account, and the interest earned and the principal amount can be freely repatriated.

Top 5 NRE Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Bank1 Year1-3 Years3-5 Years5-10 Years
Canara Bank7.00%6.85% – 7.25%6.80%6.70%
Karur Vysya Bank7.00%7.00% – 7.50%6.25%6.25% 
DCB Bank7.25%7.25% – 8.00%7.75%7.75%
Yes Bank7.50%7.50% – 7.75%7.00%7.00%
IndusInd Bank7.75%7.50% – 7.75%7.25% – 7.75%7.00% 

Features of NRE Fixed Deposit

NRE Fixed Deposits come with a range of features that make them an attractive investment option:

1. Flexible Tenures

Investors can choose from various tenure options, ranging from a few months to several years, allowing them to align their investments with their financial goals.

2. Tax Benefits

Interest earned on NRE FDs is tax-free in India, making them a highly tax-efficient investment option for NRIs.

3. Automatic Renewal

Many banks offer the convenience of automatic renewal, ensuring that your funds continue to grow seamlessly.

4. Joint Accounts

NRIs can open joint NRE FD accounts with other NRIs, providing flexibility for shared financial goals.

Benefits of NRE Fixed Deposits

There are various advantages of investing in NRE FDs:

1. Risk Mitigation

NRE FDs offer stable returns, protecting your funds from market fluctuations and economic uncertainties.

2. Repatriation

Both the principal and interest earned can be freely repatriated to the investor’s foreign bank account, making it easy to manage global finances.

3. Currency Gains

In the case of currency appreciation, NRIs can benefit from potential gains when converting the repatriated funds to their local currency.

4. Loan Collateral

NRE FDs can also serve as loan collateral, providing access to credit facilities if needed.

Who Can Invest in NRE Fixed Deposit?

NRE Fixed Deposits are designed for a specific category of individuals:

  1. NRIs and PIOs: Non-Residential Indians and Persons of Indian Origin are eligible to open NRE FD accounts.
  2. HUFs and Corporates: Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) and certain corporates can also invest in NRE FDs under specific conditions.


Regarding investment options, NRE Fixed Deposits are a reliable and advantageous choice for NRIs seeking secure returns on their foreign earnings. With their flexibility, tax benefits, and potential for currency gains, NRE Fixed Deposits offer a compelling avenue for wealth accumulation. Consider diversifying your investment portfolio with NRE FDs and unlock the power of financial stability.


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