SBI Fixed Deposit Double Scheme – Interest Rates & Eligibility

Apart from regular FDs, SBI has several special-term deposit options for its customers. These special FD schemes are designed with the purpose of catering to varying customer requirements. Some of such special FD schemes include SBI Sarvottam, SBI Tax-saving Scheme, and SBI Special Term Deposit, also known as SBI Fixed Deposit Double Scheme.

Let’s discuss the benefits of an SBI FD Double Scheme, its interest rates, eligibility, features and other related details. 

What is the SBI Fixed Deposit Double Scheme?

SBI FD double scheme is one of the special variants of SBI term deposits with a difference in the pay-out of interest. Unlike a regular FD, interest payout takes place only on maturity. Interest accrued is added to the principal, generating compounding benefits.

Interest Rates of SBI Fixed Deposit Double Scheme 2023

Listed below are the latest interest rates of state bank of india fixed deposit double scheme.

TenureGeneral Citizen (%)Senior Citizen (%)
7 days to 45 days3.003.50
46 days to 179 days4.505.00
180 days to 210 days5.255.75
211 days to less than 1 year5.756.25
1 Year to less than 2 years6.807.30
2 years to less than 3 years7.007.50
3 years to less than 5 years6.507.00
5 years and up to 10 years6.507.50

Eligibility Criteria for SBI FD Double Scheme

Anyone of the following is eligible for the State Bank of India Fixed Deposit Double Scheme:

  • Applicant Type: Indian Residents (Singly or Jointly), Firms, Joint Stock Companies, Karta of HUF, Local Bodies or any Government Department.
  • Age: An applicant’s age must be at least 18 years. A minor can also be eligible, only under the supervision of his or her parents/guardians.

Features of SBI FD Double Scheme

Here are some features of an SBI FD Double Scheme:

  • The minimum tenure of this type of SBI deposit is 6 months, while its maximum tenure is 10 years.
  • The minimum amount required to book this special deposit is ₹1,000, with no upper limit.
  • Deposit amount of more than ₹2 crore is considered as bulk.
  • Deposit amount (along with interest) of more than ₹20,000 will not be paid on a cash basis.
  • TDS is applicable as per IT rules. Depositors must submit Form 15G/H to claim a deduction or exemption as per income tax norms.
  • One can easily avail of this special term deposit from any SBI branch in the country. 

Advantages of State Bank of India Fixed Deposit Double Scheme

The interest rates of the SBI fixed deposit double scheme range from 3% to 7.5% per annum, along with compounding and other benefits. Knowing the advantages can help you get a better idea of the same.

  • There is enough flexibility on the deposit amount, allowing you to make a suitable investment per your goals and objectives. There is no restriction on the deposit being too huge or less. 
  • Its account opening procedure is convenient and hassle-free. You can open a Fixed Deposit Double Scheme through Internet Banking in a matter of a few clicks. Moreover, you can do the same by visiting your nearest SBI branch.
  • You can liquidate this deposit even before the maturity date, but certain penalty charges will apply. Such as a penalty of 0.5% will be levied on amounts up to ₹5 lakhs and a 1% penalty for amounts above ₹5 lakhs across all tenures if withdrawn prematurely.  
  • You can add a nominee while opening this FD account or even at a later date, and you can also change your nominee any time before the maturity date.


To conclude, the SBI FD Double Scheme offers depositors the maximum benefit of its compounding power every quarter, payable only at the time of maturity. If invested for a long tenure, this FD scheme can help account holders double their principal value in a disciplined way. Although an attractive choice, make sure to read the penalties for premature FD withdrawals and other important terms before making any significant investments.


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